English Language Teacher based in Naples, Italy.

I also specialise in EdTech, online marketing, and content writing. I previously worked as an Editorial Intern for ELTjam, an ELT EdTech consultancy based in London. I have also written for a number of publications including TNT London, Time Out London, Scene Magazine Brisbane and The Cairns Post. Some examples of my work at TNT can be found here.

Education: At the University of London I focused on British political history and researched the Blair government extensively. Alongside I worked with radio, print and online digital media. I studied history and philosophy at the University of Sydney where I researched the reasons for and justifications of terrorism and focused on the last decades of crises involving western and Islamic terror, taking Hamas into specific consideration. Australian and American supremacy during the Menzies and Whitlam period was also tested, using Pine Gap and Northwest Cape (US military bases in Australia) as a case studies. Other interests include video/photography (portfolio), digital platforms, teaching and tech.

Thanks for looking. Connect with me: Twitter  Facebook Linkedin Tumblr
or send me an email vasilevahristina1@gmail.com

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